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The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

College Office
150 Mrak Hall
530-752-0108; http://www.caes.ucdavis.edu

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers a diverse program of majors and courses and is committed to education that emphasizes a spirit of discovery. Based on the premise that tomorrow’s citizens will need to anticipate, understand and solve emerging societal problems and contribute to the discovery and application of new knowledge, the college fosters:

  • Critical thinking and an appreciation for diversity in thought and approaches to problem solving
  • An ethos of lifelong learning—of teaching oneself and others while confronting challenges and solving problems
  • An ability to move beyond either/or thinking and to pursue innovative and integrative understanding of the agricultural sciences, environmental sciences and human sciences
  • Intellectual skills that prepare individuals to secure a life-affirming physical and cultural environment based on sound, respectful management of resources
  • A commitment to serve the public with informed and open-minded dedication to understanding, critiquing and addressing complex societal needs and interests

The college is proud of its rich agricultural history. From this foundation, it has expanded its educational offerings to encompass programs that highlight interconnections among the environment, plant and animal sciences, biological sciences and human sciences. Through a wide array of major programs, the college prepares high-potential students for advanced studies in diverse disciplines and leadership in such arenas as public policy; research and development; managerial and natural resource economics; agricultural systems; environmental protection, safety and design; human nutrition, health and development; and the food, fiber, textile and apparel industries.

Undergraduate students enjoy early contact with faculty advisers, graduate students and postgraduate researchers, enriching and broadening the educational experience of all.

Several levels of academic advising are available that are designed to enhance your undergraduate experience. Advisers help you plan your courses, meet degree requirements and take maximum advantage of the resources available at UC Davis. You are encouraged to meet regularly with your assigned faculty adviser and with the Advising Associates and departmental peer advisers. Through a shared commitment to education for service to society, college faculty, staff and students work together to improve the relationship between humanity and the natural world.

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