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The College of Biological Sciences

Biology Academic Success Center
1023 Sciences Laboratory Building
530-752-0410; http://basc.ucdavis.edu

The mission of the College of Biological Sciences is to prepare students to fully engage and actively participate in all areas of the exciting and rapidly expanding field of biology. Courses offered by the college span the basic biological disciplines of biochemistry, behavior, cell biology, evolution, ecology, genetics, physiology and neurobiology and apply these concepts to the study of microbes, plants and animals ranging from genetic model organisms to humans. Recent additions to the curriculum, including courses in genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology, reflect the profound changes sweeping biology as new technologies enable new areas of research.

Coursework in the college's majors is rich in hands-on laboratory instruction as well as lectures and seminars. Every department in the College offers laboratory courses in the Sciences Laboratory Building—a state-of-the-art facility featuring advanced instrumentation and a student-friendly environment. In addition, many students in the college participate in laboratory research and internships that enable them to bridge classroom experiences to life beyond the university.

Biology is integral to a multitude of career options. Whether interested in a professional career in the health sciences, research, education, environmental work, business, law, administration, pharmaceutical sales or communications, students in the College of Biological Sciences receive the attention and preparation they need to excel in their chosen field.

To learn more about the nine majors offered through the College of Biological Sciences, see http://basc.ucdavis.edu, select Students, then Current Students, and then select Learn about the Majors Offered.

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