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Residence for Tuition Information

Policy Governing Residence

The determination of residence for tuition purposes at the University of California is governed by the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines. Under the UC Residence Policy, adult students and parents must have the legal ability to establish a permanent domicile in the United States, meaning that you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States or hold a valid, qualifying nonimmigrant visa or legal status. There are particular rules that apply to the residence classification of minors and that establish exemptions. All UC Residence requirements must be met by the residence determination date (generally the first day of instruction) of the term for which a resident classification is sought. Documentary evidence may be required and all relevant indications will be considered in determining residence classifications.

You are cautioned that this summary is not a complete explanation of the regulations regarding residence. Please note that changes may be made in the residence requirements between the publication of this statement and the relevant residence determination date.

Office of the General Counsel

Requirements for Resident Classification, Rules Applying to Minors and Exemptions from Nonresident Supplemental Tuition can be found published as the "UC Residence Policy and Guidelines" available at the Office of the General Counsel website.

Read the full text of UC Residence Policy-Residency Guidelines for Purposes of Tuition and Fees at http://ucop.edu/residency/.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fee for Nonresident Students

If you have not met all of the UC requirements for residency prior to the Residence Determination Date each term in which you propose to attend the University, you must pay Nonresident Supplemental Tuition in addition to all other fees.

Resident Determination Process

California residence for tuition purposes is determined for each student under the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines based on information provided to a campus Residence Deputy on the Statement of Legal Residence. Additional information and documentation in support of your claim of resident status for tuition purposes may be requested as needed. Applicants and students are responsible for submitting ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTATION AND INFORMATION to the campus Residence Deputy in support of their in-state residency request. Information or documents requested but not made available to the Residence Deputy will NOT be considered or reviewed on appeal.

Incorrect Classification

If you were incorrectly classified as a resident, you are subject to reclassification and to payment of all Nonresident Supplemental Tuition not paid. If you concealed information or furnished false information and were classified incorrectly as a result, you are also subject to University discipline. Resident students who become nonresidents must immediately notify the campus Residence Deputy.


Any student, following a final decision on their residence classification by the Residence Deputy may apply for an appeal with the Office of the General Counsel within 30 days of notification of the Residence Deputy's final decision so long as the appeal meets specific requirements. Disagreement with the residence determination alone is insufficient grounds for an appeal and will not be accepted.

All inquiries regarding the appeal process should be addressed to the Office of the General Counsel at Residency.Appeal@ucop.edu.

Petitions for Classification to Resident Status

Nonresident students may apply for a change of classification to resident status once all the requirements have been met. Petitions for Classification to Resident Status from continuing UC Davis students classified as nonresident for tuition purposes in a prior quarter must be filed during the filing period and no later than the published deadline for the term they wish to classify as a Resident. Deadline exceptions will only be made in the cases of a documented medical illness, death in the immediate family, or an administrative error on the part of the university. Petition supporting documents will not be accepted after the 12th day of instruction unless an extension has been granted by a Residence Deputy.


Inquiries regarding residence requirements, determination, classification and recognized exceptions should be directed to Residence Deputy, Office of the University Registrar, One Shields Avenue, Davis, California 95616 or residencedeputy@ucdavis.edu.

Inquiries regarding the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines or appeals, should be directed to Office of the General Counsel at Residency.Appeal@ucop.edu.


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