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Course Load

Expected Progress. Undergraduate students are expected to graduate in 12 quarters (four years). To do so, students should plan to complete an average of 15 units per quarter (15 units per quarter for 12 quarters totals 180 units). Because occasions arise which prevent students from achieving expected progress towards the degree, the campus has established minimum progress requirements, to which students must adhere.

Minimum Progress Requirements. To meet minimum progress, a full-time regular undergraduate is required to maintain an average of at least 13 units passed over all quarters of enrollment. Minimum progress is calculated at the end of every Spring Quarter for the preceding three quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) comprising the academic year. Undergraduate students falling below this requirement are not in good minimum progress standing and may be disqualified from further enrollment at the University. Quarters for which a student was officially approved for part-time status are omitted from the minimum progress calculation. For more information, see Probation and Dismissal.

Certification of Full-Time Status. Undergraduate students must carry a study load of at least 12 units (including workload units) each quarter in order to be certified as full-time students for insurance and financial aid purposes or to compete in intercollegiate athletics. Graduate students must carry a study load of at least 12 units each quarter in order to be certified as full-time students.

Course Load Limits in the College of Letters and Science. Freshman students in their first year and transfer students in their first quarter of residence may not take more than 17 units each quarter. For all other Letters and Science students, the class schedule may not exceed 21 units each quarter. These unit limitations include non-credit remedial courses and repeated courses, but not make-up work to remove incomplete grades.

Course Loads in the College of Engineering. Because of the large number of required units in engineering programs, many students must take more than 15 units per quarter and/or attend summer session to finish in four years.

Part-Time Student Status

If, for reasons of occupation, family responsibility, health or, graduating-senior status (one term only), you are unable to attend the university on a full-time basis, you may qualify for enrollment in part-time status. Undergraduate students must file for part-time status each quarter. Graduate students with approved part-time status will remain part-time until the student enrolls full-time. To be considered eligible, undergraduate students must be registered in 10 units (including workload units) or fewer by the tenth day of instruction that quarter and graduate students must be registered in 6 units or fewer by the tenth day of instruction. The Part-Time Petition is available through the Office of the University Registrar at https://registrar.ucdavis.edu/registration/part-time.cfm. The petition must be submitted no later than the tenth day of instruction. Minimum progress requirements are waived for part-time students. Part-time students have use of the same facilities and are eligible for the same services, including student health services, as full-time students.

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