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Academic Advising Services

Academic Peer Advising 530-752-1736, places Peer Advisers in over 70 departments, Dean's offices or the Biology Academic Success Center to help students find the answers to their questions about major requirements, courses and university regulations. The Academic Peer Adviser complements faculty advising by providing a student perspective. The Academic Peer Advising program is managed by the Academic & First-Year Transition Services office in Student Housing, and the peer advisers are trained by the major departments to provide information and assistance about graduate schools, career opportunities and college requirements.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

EOP Building
530-752-9366; http://eop.ucdavis.edu

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) offers an array of services to support students both academically and socially. EOP provides a caring and supportive environment for students to meet with peer and staff advisers for help with course selection, registration procedures, campus processes and resources, choosing a major, social challenges and other general advising questions.

Students interested in learning more about EOP may inquire at eop@ucdavis.edu or see http://eop.ucdavis.edu. Visitors are always welcome and no appointment is necessary.

The EOP Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) provides academic and personal support to former foster youth. The program offers services to help students transition to the University and increase their potential to succeed. The staff adviser serves as the liaison between students and various campus units, providing assistance with academic planning, financial aid, housing and other campus resources. The Guardian Scholars office is located in the EOP Building.

Student Disability Center

54 Cowell Building
530-752-3184; http://sdc.ucdavis.edu

As part of UC Davis' commitment to providing students with disabilities equal access to educational programs, the Student Disability Center (SDC) facilitates academic accommodations and promotes accessibility of instruction and classrooms. SDC advises students on their rights and responsibilities, as well as strategies and tools for managing their disabilities. The SDC specialists assist students with clinically documented disabilities in identifying accommodations needed for their classes. SDC also provides information and guidance to faculty and staff about working with students with disabilities. SDC provides information to current, entering, and prospective students with disabilities about available services, resources, and the accommodations process.

Student Housing

160 Student Housing
530-752-1736; http://housing.ucdavis.edu

The First-Year Experience Program 530-752-4546, is one component of the Student Housing Academic & First-Year Transition Services office, which includes the new student Orientation program and the academic year First-Year Experience Peer Advising program. All first-year and transfer students living in Student Housing and second year students have access to an extensive network of academic support services referred to as the “Residence Hall Advising Team,” a partnership between Student Housing, the four Colleges and the Student Academic Success Center. Included are residential Academic Advising Centers, which offer drop-in peer advising provided by peer advisers from the four Colleges and the FYE Program. The peer advisers are able to assist with registration procedures, course selection, choosing a major or other general advising questions. The peer advisers can either answer your questions or put you in contact with others who can. Peer tutors from the SASC provide drop-in tutoring services during the evenings in the Academic Advising Centers for new students enrolling in common first-year courses such as Math, Chemistry, Writing and Statistics. Upper-division students should visit their major department adviser, College Dean's office or the Biology Academic Success Center for academic advising and support services.

New Student Orientation 530-752-4443, orientation@ucdavis.edu, http://orientation.ucdavis.edu, assists new students and their families with the transition to UC Davis. Orientation includes assistance with academic advising, course registration, information for campus resources and social integration. The staff will introduce you to the campus environment, procedures and opportunities, and offers programs relevant to your changing needs. Your contribution to orientation programs, through ideas and assistance, is always welcome.

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