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College of Biological Sciences

Biology Academic Success Center
1023 Sciences Laboratory Building
530-752-0410; http://basc.ucdavis.edu

The College of Biological Sciences offers complete academic advising services at the Biology Academic Success Center (BASC) for all students working on, or interested in, a major administered by the College. Students who declare or intend to declare majors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Biological Sciences, Cell Biology; Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity; Genetics and Genomics; Microbiology; Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior; Plant Biology; or are Undeclared Life Sciences should meet with their BASC adviser for program planning. At the BASC, academic advisers advise on all major, college and university requirements, policies, and procedures, including PELP, withdrawal, readmission, change of major or college, multiple majors and late actions. The BASC advisers evaluate transfer work, discuss petitions for variance and provide degree checks for graduation purposes.

The BASC is responsible for the academic progress of all students majoring in the college. If you have any problems (personal, medical, financial) that are affecting your academic performance, or if you are on academic probation, we invite you to make an appointment to see your academic adviser in BASC. You may schedule an appointment using the website located above.

Master faculty advisers are also available in the department that houses their major, as listed in the catalog, or at the Biology Academic Success Center.

Peer Advisers. Peer advisers are College of Biological students who are pursuing, but have not yet completed, a degree at UC Davis. Students may meet with a peer adviser in the BASC on a daily, drop-in basis.

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