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Student Academic Success Center

Academic Assistance and Tutoring

2205 Dutton Hall
530-752-2013; http://success.ucdavis.edu

At the Student Academic Success Center, you can receive academic support with study skills, biology, chemistry, economics, math, physics, and statistics classes. Assistance is also available for writing essays and term papers, reading efficiency, learning English as a second language, and reducing test anxiety.

Academic Specialists teach pre and co classes primarily for EOP and STEP students in workload unit courses.  These units count toward minimum progress and financial aid eligibility, but do not count toward graduation. 

All students can attend subject workshops, instructor office hours in math, chemistry, physics, and statistics.  Individual appointments are available for all students who need writing assistance with their course work.

Undergraduate tutors provide drop-in tutoring in BIS, Chemistry, Economics, Math, Physics, Statistics courses, and writing across the curriculum. Students can walk in to ask questions about the subject material, stay to study while an experienced tutor is in the room, or join a problem solving session in the room.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Services

EOP Building
530-752-9366; http://eop.ucdavis.edu

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), offers an array of services to help students adapt both academically and socially to the University setting and successfully achieve their educational goals. EOP provides a caring and supportive environment for students to meet with peer and staff advisers and network with other students. Services include:

  • Orientation and welcome activities to introduce new students to UC Davis
  • First-year seminars
  • Summer bridge program
  • Academic advising and pre-enrollment assistance
  • Personal and social support from trained peers and staff counselors
  • General study skills and graduate school preparation advising
  • Supplemental instruction in math and science
  • Online EOP newsletter
  • Guardian Scholars Program (GSP); a support network for former foster youth

Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)

EOP Building

The mission of the Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) is to empower foster youth at UC Davis to reach their potential by providing a community network that supports their academic progress and personal growth. The GSP is a one-stop center where students can get help from professionals who understand the challenges of former foster youth and where students can meet other students who have a similar background. In addition to the services available through EOP, Guardian Scholars offers one-on-one mentoring with faculty and staff and a network of off-campus resources specifically intended for former foster youth.

Mentorships for Undergraduate Research in Agriculture, Letters and Science (MURALS)

EOP Building

Mentorships for Undergraduate Research in Agriculture, Letters and Science (MURALS) is designed to enrich the research experience of students situationally disadvantaged in their access to graduate school. The program aims to encourage students to further their education beyond the baccalaureate. By working with a faculty mentor, students not only have an opportunity to participate in academic research, but their experience may give them an incentive to pursue graduate work leading to a master's or doctoral degree. Students must be a junior or senior with a GPA of 3.000 and 90 units and meet additional eligibility requirements.

For more information, please see the MURALS website at http://murals.ucdavis.edu.

Transfer Reentry Veterans (TRV) Center

1210 Dutton Hall
530-752-2200 Transfer Reentry

If you transferred to UC Davis, are a reentry student, the TRV Center is here to serve you. Reentry refers to undergraduate students who are 25 or older, graduate students who are 30 or older, married students or student parents.

If you or your parent(s) served in the U.S. military and you are unsure of what benefits you may be eligible for, the TRV Center can help.

TRV Center services include: drop-in academic peer advising, Osher Reentry Scholarship program, access to the TRV Resource Network, Veteran educational benefit certifications and fee waivers, resources for commuting students, computer access, study space and networking with the community of TRV students through events and activities.

Pre-Graduate/Pre-Professional Services

South Hall, 1st Floor

Pre-Professional/Pre-Graduate School Advising offers individualized advice and information to students interested in admission to professional and graduate schools (law, Masters and Ph.D. programs, etc.) including prerequisite course planning, exam preparation, evaluation of competitiveness and assistance with all aspects of the application process such as writing the personal statement, getting good letters of recommendation, selecting schools/programs and strategies for becoming the most competitive applicant possible. In addition, the program offers small group advising and informative workshops, and hosts visits from admissions officers from various professional schools.

Graduate School and Law School Information Day is held on campus each fall to give students an opportunity to speak with representatives from Universities across the country in preparation for entrance to graduate or law school.

Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP)

2205 Dutton Hall

Freshman EOP students are invited to participate in the Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP). The program begins in summer and continues through the first two academic years, offering preparatory course work, academic assistance and advising. It helps students adjust academically and socially to the campus by strengthening their learning skills and study habits, and by providing an extensive orientation to campus life.

Study Skills Assistance

117 South Hall

Advising and workshops are offered to help students strengthen skills that have significant impact on college achievement and academic success. Students may attend a workshop or meet with an adviser to get help with time management, test preparation, success strategies, note taking and other study skills. The workshop schedule is available each quarter at http://success.ucdavis.edu.

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