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UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden

Arboretum and Public Garden Headquarters
530-752-4880; http://arboretum.ucdavis.edu

UC Davis—already known for its heritage trees and park-like atmosphere—elevated the profile of its outdoor spaces by launching the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden in 2011. Through close partnerships with students, academic departments, and community members, the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden seeks to provide a visitor-friendly, living museum complete with educational and sustainable landscapes that showcase our campus's academically-diverse expertise hand-in-hand with programs that allow for a wide-range of community participation including student internships, volunteer opportunities, and all-ages programming highlighting environmental sustainability, the arts and sciences.

One of the gems of the campus landscape is the 103-acre UC Davis Arboretum, founded in 1936, which contains a documented collection of more than 50,000 trees, shrubs and perennials from Mediterranean-climate areas throughout the world. Here visitors enjoy winding paths for walking, jogging, and bicycling, benches for enjoying the views, and picnic tables for casual gatherings. Demonstration gardens of drought-tolerant flowering perennials and collections of California native plants, oaks, acacias, conifers, and eucalyptus are resources for teaching and research; these landscapes also serve as a backdrop for a diverse array of events in addition to operating as an outdoor gallery for student and community-created art.

Students are integral to the Arboretum and Public Garden's vision for transforming our campus grounds into an engaging outdoor experience. Through its Learning by Leading Program, students participate in internships where they gain environmental leadership skills in sustainable horticulture, edible landscaping, nursery management, naturalized land management, and education and outreach. In addition, students, as well as community members, are also invited to volunteer for short-term projects ranging from event management to garden planting.

Although still in its infancy, the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden is gaining national attention for its sustainable landscape management as well as its practice of harnessing community collaboration to enhance the visitor experience.
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