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Address Directory

University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616
530-752-1011; main campus number

Visitor Services Office

UC Davis Welcome Center
(Campus tours, maps and information)

Campus Information Center

Memorial Union

Offices of the Chancellor and Provost

Mrak Hall, fifth floor

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

150 Mrak Hall

College of Biological Sciences

202 Life Sciences

College of Engineering

1042 Kemper Hall

College of Letters and Science

200 Social Sciences and Humanities Building
Academic Counseling: 530-752-0392

Graduate Studies

250 Mrak Hall

Graduate School of Management

Gallagher Hall

School of Law

2020 King Hall

School of Medicine

4610 X Street, Sacramento

School of Veterinary Medicine

Surge IV

Office of Summer Sessions

1350 Surge III

University Extension

1333 Research Park Drive

News Service

334 Mrak Hall

Legal Analyst—Residence Matters

University of California Office of the President
1111 Franklin Street, 8th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607-5206



Undergraduate Admissions
UC Davis Welcome Center
550 Alumni Lane
Education Outreach Program (EOP)
Corner of East Quad and Shields Avenue


Office of Graduate Studies Admissions

250 Mrak Hall


School of Law Admissions

1380 King Hall


Graduate School of Management Admissions

Gallagher Hall


School of Medicine Admissions and Outreach

4610 X Street, Suite 1202, Sacramento, CA 95817


School of Veterinary Medicine Admissions

Medicine 114 Haring Annex

Office of the University Registrar

3100 Dutton Hall; third floor

Financial Aid Office

1100 Dutton Hall, first floor
Undergraduate: 530-752-2390
Graduate: 530-752-9246
Student Employment: 530-752-0520

Undergraduate Education

1383 Surge III

Undergraduate Scholarship Office

2128 Dutton Hall, second floor

Fellowships and Graduate Scholarships

250 Mrak Hall

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Write to department or group concerned.

Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD)

Memorial Union, third floor

Student Disability Center

54 Cowell Building
TTY: 530-752-6833

Student Health and Wellness Center

Student Health and Wellness Center

Student Housing Office

160 Student Housing

The Board of Regents

Governance of the University of California is entrusted to a corporation called the Board of Regents. Of the individuals composing the board, eighteen are California citizens appointed by the governor, and seven, including the president of the University and the governor of California, serve ex officio. A Student Regent is selected each year from a list of names submitted to the board by the Student Body Presidents' Council.

The Regents delegate authority in academic matters to the Academic Senate of the faculty, which determines academic policy and supervises the instructional activities of the entire University. All of the permanent faculty, as well as key administrators, are members of the Senate.

The Regents delegate authority for the organization of the University to the president. Janet Napolitano is President and head of the Universitywide administration. Authority for the administration of each campus is delegated to a chancellor.

The Regents of the University of California

Regents Ex Officio

Jerry Brown
Governor of California and President of the Regents
Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor of California
Anthony Rendon
Speaker of the Assembly
Tom Torlakson
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Janet Napolitano
President of the University
Yolanda Gorman
President of the Alumni Associations of the University of California
Rodney Davis
Vice President of the Alumni Associations of the University of California


Appointed Regents

Current term expires on March 1 of year indicated.

Richard C. Blum, 2026
William De La Peña, 2018
Gareth Elliott, 2025
Russell Gould, 2017
Eddie Island, 2017
George Kieffer, 2021
Sherry L. Lansing, 2022
Monica Lozano, 2022
Hadi Makarechian, 2020
Eloy Ortiz Oakley, 2024
Abraham (Avi) Oved, 2016
Student Regent
Norman J. Pattiz, 2026
John A. Pérez, 2024
Bonnie Reiss, 2020
Richard Sherman, 2025
Bruce D. Varner, 2018
Charlene Zettel, 2021

Faculty Representatives

Dan Hare, 2016
James Chalfant, 2017

Principal Officers of the Regents

Charles F. Robinson
General Counsel
Jagdeep Singh Bachher
Chief Investment Officer
Anne Shaw
Secretary and Chief of Staff
Sheryl Vacca
Chief Compliance and Audit Officer

Administrative Officers of the University

Janet Napolitano
President of the University
Nina Robinson
Associate President and Chief Policy Advisor
Aimee Dorr
Provost and Executive Vice President—Academic Affairs
Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President—Chief Operating Officer
Kimberly S. Budil
Vice President—National Laboratories
Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President—Chief Financial Officer
Charles Robinson
General Counsel and Vice President—Legal Affairs
Jagdeep Singh Bachher
Vice President—Investments
Julie Henderson
Senior Vice President—Public Affairs
Nelson Peacock
Senior Vice President—Government Relations
John D. Stobo
Executive Vice President—UC Health
Judy Sakaki
Vice President—Student Affairs
Pamela Brown
Vice President—Institutional Research and Academic Planning
Dwaine B. Duckett
Vice President—Human Resources
Glenda Humiston
Vice President—Agriculture and Natural Resources
Sheryl Vacca
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance & Audit Officer—Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services
Tom Andriola
Vice President and Chief Information Officer—Information Technology Services
William Tucker
Interim Vice President—Research and Graduate Studies
Yvette Gullatt
Vice Provost—Diversity and Engagement
Susan Carlson
Vice Provost—Academic Personnel and Programs

University Chancellors

Nicholas B. Dirks
Chancellor at Berkeley
Linda P. B. Katehi
Chancellor at Davis
Howard Gillman
Chancellor at Irvine
Gene D. Block
Chancellor at Los Angeles
Dorothy Leland
Chancellor at Merced
Kim A Wilcox
Chancellor at Riverside
Pradeep K. Khosla
Chancellor at San Diego
Sam Hawgood
Chancellor at San Francisco
Henry T. Yang
Chancellor at Santa Barbara
George R. Blumenthal
Chancellor at Santa Cruz

Administrative Officers—UC Davis


Linda P. B. Katehi, Ph.D.

Chancellor Emeriti (and years served)

Theodore L. Hullar, Ph.D. (1987-1994)

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Ralph J. Hexter, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellors
Harris A. Lewin, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor—Research
Dave Lawlor
Vice Chancellor & CFO—Finance Operations & Administration
Julie Ann Freischlag, M.D.
Vice Chancellor—Human Health Sciences
Shaun B. Keister, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor—Development and Alumni Relations
Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Vice Provosts

Maureen L. Stanton, Ph.D.
Vice Provost—Academic Affairs
Joanna Regulska, Ph.D.
Vice Provost—Global Affairs
Viji Murali, M.S.
Vice Provost and CIO—Information and Educational Technology
Prasant Mohapatra, Ph.D.
Vice Provost—Graduate Education
Carolyn Thomas, Ph.D.
Vice Provost—Undergraduate Education

Associate Chancellor

Karl M Engelbach, M.B.A.
Associate Chancellor—Office of the Chancellor
Joanna Regulska, Ph.D.
Associate Chancellor—Global Affairs
Marjorie M. Dickinson, B.A.
Assistant Chancellor—Government and Community Relations
Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellors and Vice Provosts
Rahim Reed, M.P.A., J.D.
Associate Executive Vice Chancellor—Campus Community Relations
Emily Galindo, M.B.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs (Divisional and Auxiliary Services)
Milton Lang, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs (Student Life, Campus Community and Retention Services
John Campbell
Associate Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs (Divisional Resources)
Walter A. Robinson
Associate Vice Chancellor—Student Affairs (Admissions & Enrollment Planning)
J. Michael Allred, M.B.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Finance, Operations & Administration (Financial Services & Administrative IT)
Jill Parker, B.S.
Associate Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Safety Services)
Susan Gilbert, M.S.
Associate Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Human Resources)
Kelly Ratliff, M.B.A.
Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Finance & Resource Management)
Clayton Halliday, A.I.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Finance, Operations & Administration (Design and Construction Management)
Cindy Kiel, J.D.
Executive Associate Vice Chancellor—Research (Research Administration)
Paul Dodd, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Research (Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives)
Dushyant Pathak, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Research (Technology Management and Corporate Relations)
Heather Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
Associate Vice Chancellor—Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Jason Wohlman
Associate Vice Chancellor—University Development
Paul Prokop, M.A.
Associate Vice Chancellor—University Development (School and Unit Programs)
Chong Porter
Associate Vice Chancellor—University Development (Health Sciences Development and Alumni Relations)
Karl Mohr, M.A.
Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor—Office of the Chancellor and Provost
Richard R. Engel, M.A.
Assistant Vice Chancellor—Alumni Relations
Angela M. Joens, M.P.A.
Assistant Vice Chancellor—University Development (Development Outreach)
Brian Casey, B.A.
Assistant Vice Chancellor—University Development (Planned Giving)
Shelley Birdsong-Maddex
Assistant Vice Chancellor—University Development (Foundation and Corporate Giving)
Allen Tollefson
Assistant Vice Chancellor—Finance, Operations, & Administration (Facilities Management)
Diane Davies-Conley, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Assistant Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Chief of Staff/Business Client Manager)
Robert Segar, M.L.A.
Assistant Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Campus Planning and Community Resources)
Assistant Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Capital Planning & Real Estate)
Camille Kirk
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor— Finance, Operations & Administration (Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability)
Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff—Student Affairs (Communications and Administration)
Adrienne Martin, Ph.D
Associate Vice Provost—Global Affairs
Matthew Traxler, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Provost—Undergraduate Education (Academic Planning)
Phillip Kass,D.V.M., Ph.D.
Associate Vice Provost—Academic Affairs
Binnie Singh, M.A.
Assistant Vice Provost—Academic Affairs
Helen Schurke Frasier, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost & Chief of Staff —Undergraduate Education
Marco Molinaro, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Provost—Undergraduate Education (Educational Effectiveness)

Chief Campus Counsel

Jacob A. Appelsmith, J. D.

Chief Executive Officer—Medical Center

Ann Madden Rice, M.A.


Susan Kee-Young Park, J.D.

University Librarian

MacKenzie Smith


Elias S. Lopez, Ph.D.


Roger Beachy, Ph.D.
Director—World Food Center
Teresa K. Gould
Interim Director—Intercollegiate Athletics
Jeremiah Maher
Director—Internal Audit Services
Deborah G. Agee
Director—Financial Aid
Richard R. Engel, M.A.
Executive Director—Cal Aggie Alumni Association
Emily Galindo, M.B.A.
Executive Director—Student Housing
Michelle Famula, M.D.
Executive Director—Student Health & Wellness Center
Elias S. Lopez, Ph.D.
Executive Director—Student Affairs Office of Technology
Don Roth, Ph.D.
Executive Director—Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Dana Topousis
Executive Director—News & Media Relation

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of

Helene R. Dillard, Ph.D., Dean
Mary E. Delany, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean
Ronald S. Tjeerdema, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Environmental Sciences
Edwin E. Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Agricultural Sciences
David C. Campbell, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Social/Human Sciences
Susan E. Ebeler, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Undergraduate Academic Programs
Jan W. Hopmans, Ph.D., Associate Dean—International Programs
Penny Herbert, Executive Assistant Dean—Administration
Julie Fritz-Rubert, Assistant Dean—College Personnel
Christine Schmidt, Assistant Dean—College Advancement

Biological Sciences, College of

Peter Wainwright, Ph.D., Interim Dean
Susan L. Keen, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Undergraduate Academic Programs
John Harada, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean
Gregg Recanzone, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Resources
Donna Watkins Olsson, M.P.P., Executive Assistant Dean

Education, School of

Vacant, Dean
Cynthia Carter Ching Ph.D., Associate Dean—Academic Programs and Instruction
Peter Mundy, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Academic Personnel and Research
Damian Chapman, MBA, Assistant Dean—Finance, Administration and Strategy Development
Vacant, Executive Director—Development and External Relations

Engineering, College of

Jennifer Sinclair Curtis, Ph.D., Dean
Jessie Catacutan, Executive Assistant Dean—Administration and Finance
James A. Schaaf, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Undergraduate Studies
C. P. (Case) van Dam, D. Engr., Associate Dean - Facilities and Capital Planning
Jean S. VanderGheynst, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Graduate Studies and Research
S. Felix Wu, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Academic Personnel and Planning
Bruce White, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean

Graduate Studies

Prasant Mohapatra, Ph.D., Vice Provost—Graduate Education and Dean—Graduate Studies
Jean-Pierre Delplanque, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Chris Calvert, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Kellie Sims Butler, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
Law, School of
Kevin Johnson, J.D., Dean
Madhavi Sunder, J.D., Associate Dean—Academic Affairs
Craig Compton, J.D., Assistant Dean—Career Services
Karen L. Charney, Senior Director of Development
Hollis L. Kulwin, J.D., Senior Assistant Dean—Student Affairs
Kristen Mercado, J.D., Assistant Dean-Admission and Financial Aid
Brett C. Burns, Senior Assistant Dean—Administration

Letters and Science, College of

Susan Kaiser, Ph.D., Interim Dean—Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
Ian Blake, Assistant Dean—Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
Alexandra Navrotsky, Ph.D., Interim Dean—Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Tracy Ligtenberg, Assistant Dean—Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Li Zhang, Ph.D., Interim Dean—Division of Social Sciences
Steven Roth, M.B.A., M.A., Assistant Dean—Division of Social Sciences
Randolph M. Siverson, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean—Undergraduate Education and Advising
Charlene Mattison, Assistant Dean—College Relations and Development
Donna Justice, Director—College Strategic Marketing and Communications

Management, Graduate School of

Ann Huff Stevens, Ph.D., Interim Dean
Kimberly D. Elsbach, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Brad M. Barber, Ph.D., Associate Dean
James T. Kelly, M.B.A., Assistant Dean
James Stevens, M.B.A., Assistant Dean

Medicine, School of

Julie Ann Freischlag, M.D., Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences and Dean
David Acosta, M.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Thomas Nesbitt, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Technologies and Alliances
Heather Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing
Aaron Bair, M.D., M.S., Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education
Lars Berglund, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research
William Cahill, M.D., Associate Dean for Veterans Affairs
Edward Callahan, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Personnel
Ralph de Vere White, M.D., Associate Dean for Cancer Center
David H. Wisner, M.D., Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director, Practice Management Board
Mark Henderson, M.D., Associate Dean for Admissions and Outreach
Lee Jones, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Jana Katz-Bell, M.P.H., Assistant Dean for Interprofessional Education
Darin Latimore, M.D., Associate Dean for Student and Resident Diversity
James Nuovo, M.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Mark Servis, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum and Competency Development
Frank Sousa, M.D., Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Development
Ted Wun, M.D., Associate Dean for Research

Nursing, Betty Irene Moore School of

Heather M. Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Associate Vice Chancellor for Nursing & Dean
Theresa A. Harvath, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Associate Dean for Academics
Jill G. Joseph, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., Associate Dean for Research
Jana Katz-Bell, M.P.H., Assistant Dean for Interprofessional Programs
Emily Sanson-Smith, M.B.A., Assistant Dean for Administration
Sallie-Grace Tate, Assistant Dean for Advancement

Veterinary Medicine, School of

Michael D. Lairmore, D.V.M., Ph.D., Dean
John R. Pascoe, B.V.Sc., Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean
Patricia A. Conrad, D.V.M., Ph.D., Associate Dean—Global Programs
Jan E. Ilkiw, B.V.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Dean—Academic Programs
Sean Owens, D.V.M., Associate Dean—Admissions and Student Programs
Isaac Pessah, Ph.D., Associate Dean—Research and Graduate Education
Jane Sykes, B.V.Sc, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean—Clinical Programs and Director—Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

UC Davis Extension

Paul M. McNeil, Ph.D., Dean
Rita Bunch, M.B.A., Assistant Dean, Chief Operating Officer

UC Davis Health System Leadership; Medical Center, School of Medicine, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

Claire Pomeroy, M.D., M.B.A., Vice Chancellor—Human Health Sciences and Dean
Heather Young, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., Associate Vice Chancellor—Nursing
Thomas S. Nesbitt, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Vice Chancellor—Strategic Technologies and Alliances
Ann Madden Rice, Chief Executive Officer—UC Davis Medical Center
Fred Meyers, M.D., M.A.C.P., Executive Associate Dean
Michael Minear, Chief Information Officer
Timothy Maurice, M.B.A., Chief Financial Officer
James Goodnight, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Dean—Clinical Affairs and Director—Practice Management Board
Shelton J. Duruisseau, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor—Diversity and Inclusion and Chief External Affairs Officer
Anna Orlowski, J.D., Chief Legal Counsel
Teresa Porter, Chief Compliance Officer
Allan D. Siefkin, M.D., Chief Medical Officer—UC Davis Medical Center
Vincent L. Johnson, Chief Operating Officer—UC Davis Medical Center
Carol Robinson, R.N., M.P.A., N.E.A.-B.C., F.A.A.N., Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Patient Care Services Officer—UC Davis Medical Center
J. Douglas Kirk, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., Associate Chief Medical Officer—UC Davis Medical Center

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