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The Major Program

The Animal Biology major offers students training in the biological and natural sciences as they apply to animals. The major covers the basic biological sciences that explain animal evolution, systematics, ecology, physiology and molecular biology. Students in the Animal Biology major are encouraged to think beyond particular groups of animals in which they are interested and to consider science as a process and a way of advancing society. Emphasis is on biological principles that can be used in research or in solving societal problems associated with animals in agriculture, urban areas, or natural environments.

The Program. The Animal Biology major consists of core courses in the biological sciences that build an understanding of animal biology from the molecular to the ecological and evolutionary levels of organization. After completing these core courses, students have the option of specializing in various interdisciplinary aspects of animal biology, and plan their chosen emphasis of study as part of a required discussion course and in consultation with their adviser. The Animal Biology major emphasizes courses on biological principles as opposed to courses on animal care and husbandry. This program includes a senior thesis, which each student designs to bridge the disciplines of the major.

Internships and Career Alternatives. The program and interests of each student in solving societal problems guides him or her to logical internship and career choices. On- and off-campus internship opportunities are available in research laboratories, in field situations, with governmental agencies, with private industry, and in international programs. A degree in Animal Biology prepares students for careers in research, teaching, governmental regulation, health or agriculture as each relates to the integrative biology or ecology of animals. Careers in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and animal management are open to Animal Biology majors, however, other preparation may be required. Students in the major gain research experience and may choose to continue their training at the graduate or professional level in a variety of biological disciplines.

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