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Agricultural and Environmental Education

(College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and School of Education)

The Major Program

The major serves those interested in teaching agricultural and environmental sciences in schools or in non-formal settings such as nature preserves, environmental camps, or other venues. This major prepares graduates to direct programs in the agricultural and environmental sciences as well as provides them with a skill set necessary to work within social science careers related to these fields. This program of study meets state and federal requirements for entry into teacher preparation in agriculture and science, as well as requirements in Career Technical Education (CTE).

The Program

The program is designed to provide students with a broad background in various agricultural and environmental science disciplines, e.g., animal science, environmental science, plant and soil science, agricultural engineering, business management, agro ecology, and horticulture. The program also focuses on the social sciences related to human resource development. The program provides students with practical experiences through fieldwork, school, and non-formal learning sites placements, or placement in sites related to a student's focus of study. Through this major students will have the opportunity to explore and then incorporate agricultural and environmental issues into educational and development settings.

Career Alternatives

The need for scientists, technicians and educators to assist in domestic and international agricultural and environmental programs has created a continuing demand for qualified instructors and supervisory personal. This major also provides general preparation which is appropriate for work in banking, sales and service, rural recreation and related agricultural and environmental sectors. Students interested in obtaining breadth in both agricultural and environmental sciences will appreciate the scope and flexibility the major provides.

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