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American Studies

(College of Letters and Science)

Julie Sze, Ph.D., Program Director

Program Office. 2134A Hart Hall 530-752-6429; http://ams.ucdavis.edu

Committee in Charge

Charlotte Biltekoff, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Carolyn de la Peña, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Caren Kaplan, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Eric Smoodin, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Julie Sze, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Grace Wang, Ph.D. (American Studies)
Susette Min, Ph.D. (Asian American Studies)
Christina Cogdell, Ph.D. (Design)


Javier Arbona, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Charlotte Biltekoff, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Ryan Cartwright, Assistant Professor
Carolyn de la Peña, Ph.D., Professor
Caren Kaplan, Ph.D., Professor.
Anjali Nath, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Eric Smoodin, Ph.D., Professor
Julie Sze, Ph.D., Professor
Grace Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Jay Mechling, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
Michael L. Smith, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Emeritus
David Scofield Wilson, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Emeritus

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