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A.B. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
American Studies 10 4
One additional lower division American Studies course 4
One course from: African American and African Studies 10, Asian American Studies 1, Chicana/o Studies 10, Native American Studies 1, or an equivalent course in racial and ethnic diversity 4
One course from: Anthropology 2, Sociology 2, Women’s Studies 50, or an equivalent course in social science approaches to culture 4
One course from: History 17A, 17B, 72A, 72B 4
One course from: English 30A, 30B, Film Studies 1, or an equivalent course introducing critical approaches to literary and visual texts in the humanities 4
Depth Subject Matter
American Studies 100 and 160 8
American Studies Electives: Three additional upper-division American Studies courses 12
Emphasis 20
In consultation with the American Studies Undergraduate Adviser, the student designs a program of 20 units (typically five courses) of upper division course work around a unifying theme, period, or subject matter in American cultures. The courses should come from two or more departments or programs and can include up to 8 units of American Studies courses. Only 4 units of course 192 (internship) can be included in the emphasis. The student may choose the senior thesis option (190A-190B) for 8 units of the emphasis and take the remaining 12 units outside the program.
Total Units for the Major
Completion of the college requirement in English composition before enrollment in American Studies 190A.  

Minor Program Requirements:

American Studies
American Studies, upper division courses 20
No more than 8 units of course 192 may be counted toward this total.  
Faculty Advisers. J. Arbona, C. Biltekoff, C. Kaplan, A. Nath, E. Smoodin, J. Sze, G. Wang
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