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The Major Program

The Department of Chicana/Chicano Studies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on the Chicana/Chicano experience through an analysis of class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and cultural expression. The department offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor that can satisfy breadth requirements for the College of Letters and Science. Both the major and minor frame an analysis within the historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanas/os in the Americas. The major gives students an opportunity to specialize in one of two emphases: Cultural Studies or Social/Policy Studies. Students in the major are expected to read, write, and speak Spanish at a level suitable for future study and work in Chicana/o and Latina/o settings. There are no language requirements for the minor, and all Chicana/Chicano Studies courses are open to students in any major.

The Program. At the lower division level, the major curriculum provides an interdisciplinary overview of various topics. Students are advised to take courses that serve as prerequisites for certain upper division courses. At the upper division level, majors pursue advanced interdisciplinary course work in both the humanities/arts and the social sciences. At this level, students will find courses in Chicana/Chicano history, theory, health and several courses taught from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Majors may specialize in one of two emphases for the A.B. degree. The Cultural Studies emphasis integrates literature, culture, and artistic expression. Social/Policy Studies emphasizes social theory, research methods, area studies in community/political economy, family, societal and health issues.

Career Alternatives. The Cultural Studies emphasis prepares students for professional work in cross-cultural education, cultural/art centers, artistic expression and communications. The Social/Policy Studies emphasis orients students towards professional work in human service delivery, community development, legal services assistance, health services, social welfare and education. Both emphases in the major prepare students for advanced graduate and/or professional studies in related fields.

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