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The Major Program

Classical Civilization is an interdisciplinary major that examines the ancient Mediterranean cultures of Greece, Rome and the Near East, with courses offered on the languages, history, literature, religions, myths, art and archaeology of these societies, their achievements in rhetoric and philosophy, and their political and social institutions. Minor programs in Classical Civilization, Greek, and Latin, and many General Education courses are also offered.

The Program. The major has two tracks: (1) Classical and Mediterranean Civilizations, and (2) Classical Languages and Literatures. The core of both major tracks consists of two years of Latin, Greek or Hebrew, the introductory sequence on the ancient Mediterranean world (Classics 1, 2, 3), the advanced seminar (Classics 190), and a number of electives. The Classical and Mediterranean Civilization track allows students to choose their electives from a broadly balanced program in history, art and archaeology, literature, philosophy and rhetoric. The Classical Languages and Literatures track focuses more intensively on language and literature, requiring the study of two languages and allowing fewer electives. Students planning to go on to graduate work in Classics should take Track 2 and study as much Latin and Greek as possible. They should make a point of talking to an adviser early in their undergraduate program. They are also advised to acquire a reading knowledge of French or German.

Career Opportunities. A degree in Classical Civilization represents a solid liberal arts education that provides an excellent foundation for a wide variety of careers. In the last twenty-five years, many majors have applied to law or medical schools and nearly all have been accepted. Additional career options include library and museum work, teaching, journalism, and graduate study in Classics, art, archaeology, history, literature, philosophy, and religion.

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