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The Major Program

The major in communication focuses upon human symbolic behavior in interpersonal and mediated contexts.

The Program. The program of study in communication examines communication processes at several different levels of analysis. Courses dealing with communication at the individual, interpersonal, organizational and societal levels of analysis are offered. The emphasis in the program reflects the changing focus in the discipline and society toward computer-mediated communication, quantitative behavioral science and cognitive science. Classes addressing such topics as communication and cognition, message systems, interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, communication and persuasion, organizational communication, mass media effects, computer-mediated communication and public communication campaigns explore communication at these levels of analysis. Related social science courses are also part of the major.

Career Alternatives. Communication graduates have found careers in such fields as broadcast and print journalism, administration, sales, management, politics and government, education, social work, and public relations. A communication degree is also excellent preparation for law school or other graduate programs.

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