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Comparative Literature

(College of Letters and Science)

Juliana Schiesari, Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 213 Sproul Hall; 530-752-1219; http://complit.ucdavis.edu


Gail Finney, Ph.D., Professor (Comparative Literature, German and Russian) Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award

Ralph Hexter, Ph.D., Professor (Classics, and Comparative Literature)

Neil Larsen, Ph.D., Professor

Kari Lokke, Ph.D., Professor

Sheldon Lu, Ph.D., Professor

Noha Radwan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Juliana Schiesari, Ph.D., Professor (Comparative Literature, French and Italian)

Brenda Schildgen, Ph.D., Professor, UC Davis Prize for Teaching and Scholarly Achievement

Jocelyn Sharlet, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Archana Venkatesan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Comparative Literature, Religious Studies)

Emeriti Faculty

Manfred Kusch, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Emeritus (Comparative Literature, French and Italian)

Scott McLean, Ph.D., Lecturer

Seth L. Schein, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Robert M. Torrance, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

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