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Graduate Study. The program in Critical Theory offers study and research leading to the Ph.D. with a designated emphasis in Critical Theory. The program provides theoretical emphasis and interdisciplinary perspective to students already preparing for the Ph.D. in one of 14 participating graduate programs (Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Education, English, French, German, History, Music, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Study of Religion, and Performance Studies). Students complete all requirements for the Ph.D., including the dissertation, in one of the participating departments. Minimum coursework for the Critical Theory Designated Emphasis consists of four courses. The first three of these, Critical Theory 200A, 200B, and 200C are taught by affiliated faculty, with 200A normally being taken first. For the fourth course, students have the option of taking another section of Critical Theory 200B or an approved course from any affiliated department.

Graduate Adviser. Consult Critical Theory Program office.

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