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East Asian Languages and Cultures

(College of Letters and Science)

Michelle Yeh, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 211 Sproul Hall; 530-752-4999; http://chinese.ucdavis.edu; http://japanese.ucdavis.edu


Chia-ning Chang, Ph.D., Professor (Japanese)
Xiaomei Chen, Ph.D., Professor (Chinese)
Chengzhi Chu, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Chinese)
Michael Foster, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Japanese)
David Gundry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Japanese)
Mark Halperin, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Chinese)
Yuming He, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Chinese)
Nobuko Koyama, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Japanese)
Joseph Sorensen, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Japanese)
Sayumi Suzuki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Japanese)
Michelle Yeh, Ph.D., Professor (Chinese)

Emeriti Faculty

Robert Borgen, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus
Donald A. Gibbs, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

Junko Ito, Lecturer (Japanese)
Yoko Kato, Lecturer (Japanese)
I-chia Lee, Lecturer (Chinese)
Jiao Li, Lecturer (Chinese)
Ling-Yu Lu, Lecturer (Chinese)
Naoko McHale, Lecturer (Japanese)
Mayumi Saito, Lecturer (Japanese)
Haruko Sakakibara, Lecturer (Japanese)
Miyo Uchida, Lecturer (Japanese)
Moeko Watanabe, Lecturer (Japanese)
Miki Wheeler, Lecturer (Japanese)
Binbin Yang, Lecturer (Chinese)

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