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The Major Program

The department offers a core language program in both Chinese and Japanese and courses in literature and culture. The core language program in Chinese has two tracks: one for students who have no background whatsoever and one for students with prior language background.

The Program. A student elects to major in either Japanese or Chinese. Practical language skills are taught using the most modern methods so that upon entering the upper division a student will have attained substantial fluency in the spoken language (hearing and speaking) and the written language (reading and writing). Upper-division courses balance the need to further language skills with the need to understand and appreciate the cultural richness of either Chinese or Japanese civilization. All students are encouraged to combine their study of language and literature with courses in related fields, and to study abroad through the Education Abroad Program, the UC Davis Study Abroad Program or through internships in China and Japan.

Career Opportunities. UC Davis graduates have learned that a major in Chinese or Japanese is a genuine, earned distinction that facilitates entrance to graduate programs and professional schools. In addition, job opportunities abound in virtually all career paths, especially for those who have completed study abroad.

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