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The Major Program

The East Asian Studies major gives the student an understanding of East Asia and Southeast Asia through interdisciplinary studies, including courses on East Asian countries within the humanities and social sciences. Students are encouraged to pursue study abroad opportunities, as well as other guided studies pertaining to East and Southeast Asia.

The Program. The program offers core courses in East Asian humanities and social sciences, including history, comparative literature, languages, philosophy and religion, political science, sociology, as well as courses focused on Southeast Asia. Science courses that closely engage the student of East and/or Southeast Asia are also eligible to count towards the major. Along with taking the lower division and upper division depth subject courses; the student may choose additional courses that concentrate on a special field of interest, such as anthropology or history, or special courses such as honor thesis, independent study, internships, and study abroad.

Programs, Internships, and Career Alternatives. To enhance the student's understanding of East and Southeast Asia, our majors are strongly encouraged to participate in UC Davis's Study Abroad Program, which gives students the opportunity to live and experience a culture within East or Southeast Asia. Our majors are also encouraged to work with UC Davis's Internship and Career Center, which provides customized assistance for EAS students to obtain legislative, legal, and business internships and careers. Likewise, the UC Davis Sacramento and Washington Centers arrange internships and run full-credit academic programs in Sacramento and Washington D.C., with a wide range of opportunities for our majors. Graduating EAS majors are prepared for employment in government agencies (such as Foreign Service), state agencies, international or non-governmental organizations (NGO, such as the United Nations), foundations, journalism, teaching, counseling, and companies with international business interests, trade, or finance. The broad-based and multidisciplinary components of this major program enhance career prospects in jobs that demand knowledge of cultures of East and Southeast Asia.

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