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Engineering: Biological and Agricultural

(College of Engineering and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Bryan M. Jenkins, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 2030 Bainer Hall; 530-752-0102; http://bae.engineering.ucdavis.edu


Gail M. Bornhorst, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Juliana de Moura Bell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Food Science and Technology)
Irwin Donis-Gonzalez, Ph.D., Assistant Extension Specialist
Zhiliang (Julia) Fan, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Fadi A. Fathallah, Ph.D., Professor
D. Ken Giles, Ph.D., Professor
Mark E. Grismer, Ph.D., Professor (Land, Air and Water Resources)
Bryan M. Jenkins, Ph.D., Professor
Tina Jeoh, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Michael J. McCarthy, Ph.D., Professor (Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Food Science and Technology)
Nitin Nitin, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Food Science and Technology)
Ning Pan, Ph.D., Professor (Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Textiles and Clothing)
David C. Slaughter, Ph.D., Professor
Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya, Ph.D., Professor
Jean S. VanderGheynst, Ph.D., Professor
Stavros G. Vougioukas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ruihong Zhang, Ph.D., Professor

Emeriti Faculty

William J. Chancellor, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Pictiaw (Paul) Chen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Michael J. Delwiche, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Roger E. Garrett, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
John R. Goss, M.S., Professor Emeritus
Bruce R. Hartsough, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
David J. Hills, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
John M. Krochta, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Miguel A. Mariño, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Kathryn McCarthy, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
R. Larry Merson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
John A. Miles, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Stanton R. Morrison, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Raul H. Piedrahita, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Richard E. Plant, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
James W. Rumsey, M.S., Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Thomas R. Rumsey, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Verne H. Scott, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
R. Paul Singh, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor Emeritus
James F. Thompson, M.S., Extension Specialist Emeritus
Wesley W. Wallender, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Wesley E. Yates, M.S., Professor Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

Tien-Chieh Hung, Ph.D., Assistant Adjunct Professor
Kurt Kornbluth, Ph.D., Assistant Adjunct Professor
Zhongli Pan, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Herbert Scher, Ph.D., Professional Researcher
Mir S. Shafii, Ph.D., Lecturer

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