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Graduate Study. The Graduate Group in Ecology offers the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Ecology is a science that integrates numerous fields of study to attain deep understanding of natural and societal influences on the distribution, abundances, behaviors, traits, and ecosystem functions of organisms. In order to accommodate varied student interests, the Group has developed several 'areas of emphasis' with specialized programs of study: agricultural ecology, conservation ecology, ecosystems and landscape ecology, ecotoxicology, environmental policy and human ecology, integrative ecology, marine ecology, physiological ecology and restoration ecology. For further details, contact the Group office.

Preparation. Appropriate preparation is undergraduate work in any of the biological, social or behavioral, and physical sciences, mathematics or engineering. Applicants will normally be expected to have completed the following courses during the undergraduate years or shortly after matriculating: two courses each in introductory biology, general chemistry and physical science; one course each in calculus, an upper division introduction to ecology course and introductory statistics. Students that choose the environmental policy and human ecology area of emphasis are only required to complete one course in general chemistry. They may also substitute one quantitative course in social science such as micro- or macro-economics for one chemistry or physics requirement.

Graduate Advisers. E. Kebreab, S. Lawler, E. Lewis (Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology), M. Lubell, M. Miller, P. Moyle, E. Rejmankova, K. Rice (Restoration Ecology), J. Richards (Integrative Ecology), B. Sacks, J. Sanchirico (Environmental Policy & Human Ecology), E. Sanford (Marine Ecology), A. Shapiro (Conservation Ecology), M. Springborn, D. Strong, R. Tjeerdema (Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology), A. Whitehead (Ecological Genomics and Genetics), N. Williams (Agricultural Ecology)

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