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The Major Program

Economics is the study of how individuals, organizations, and societies choose among alternative uses of resources and how these resources are turned into the things people want.

The Program. Economics majors complete an introductory course sequence in economics, in addition to several courses in quantitative methods. Intermediate theory and economic history are taken on the upper division level and then students are free to concentrate the remainder of their units in various areas of interest, including more courses in economic theory or history, international economics, labor, industry, alternative economic systems, economic development, public finance, econometrics, or mathematical economics.

Internships and Career Alternatives. Internships for economics majors have been arranged at banks, brokerages, other business enterprises, and governmental units. The internships must complement the student’s course work. A degree in economics is excellent preparation for students who want to go on to law school, business school, advanced work in economics, or graduate work in international relations. It is also a good background for careers in management and positions with the government.

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