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Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Program

The Computer Science and Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET; see http://www.abet.org.

Exclusive of General Education units, the minimum number of units for the Computer Science and Engineering major is 142.

Students are encouraged to adhere carefully to all prerequisite requirements. The instructor is authorized to drop students from a course for which stated prerequisites have not been completed.

Lower Division Required Courses

Mathematics 21A-21B-21C-21D 16
Mathematics 22A or 67 3-4
Mathematics 22B 3
Physics 9A-9B-9C-9D 19
Chemistry 2A 5
Computer Science Engineering 20, 30, 40, 60 16
Computer Science Engineering 50 or Electrical and Computer Engineering 70 4
Engineering 17 4
English 3 or University Writing Program 1, 1V, 1Y or Comparative Literature 1, 2, 3, or 4, or Native American Studies 5 4
Communication 1 4

Upper Division Requirements:

Upper Division Required Courses
Computer Science Engineering 132, 140A, 150, 152A, 154A, 154B, 160, 188, 193A, 193B 32
Computer Science Engineering 120 or 122A 4
Electrical and Computer Engineering 100, 172 9
Computer Science electives 15
A minimum of four courses and a minimum of 15 units chosen from Computer Science Engineering courses numbered 120 to 189 inclusive; one approved course of 3 to 5 units from Computer Science and Engineering 192 or 199; Electrical and Computer Engineering 180A, 180B; Economics 122; Linguistics 177; Psychology 120. No course can count as both a required course and a computer science and engineering elective.
Upper Division Composition Requirement 0-4
University Writing Program 101 (a grade of C- or better is required) or passing the Upper-Division Composition Exam administered.

Computational Biology Minor

The minor in Computational Biology will provide to students with engineering, physical science or biological science majors the foundations necessary to build efficient computational models and algorithms, use state-of-the-art techniques for scientific analysis and create scalable infrastructure environments for biological and biotechnological applications.
Students must take a total of 19-24 upper division units, with two required courses and 11-12 units of upper division electives, as specified below. A minimum GPA of 2.000 is required for coursework in the minor. Students should note that most of the courses listed below have lower division prerequisites. In particular, required course Computer Science Engineering 122A has a prerequisite chain of Computer Science Engineering 20, 30, 40, and 60. No more than one course will be permitted for overlap between any major and the minor.

Minor Requirements:

Computational Biology 20
Required courses 8
Engineering: Computer Science 122A; 124
Electives 12

At least one biology course from the following: Molecular & Cellular Biology 121 124, 182: Evolution and Ecology 100, 101, 102, 103, 131; Biological Sciences 101, 104, 122

At least one computational or statistics course from the following: Computer Science Engineering 130, 132, 140, 145, 158, 160, 165A, 170, 177; Statistics 130A, 141; Biotechnology 150; Biological Sciences 132

At least one computational biology and bioinformatics course from the following: Computer Science Engineering 129; Biological Sciences 132; Biomedical Engineering 117, Biotechnology 150
Minor Advisers. T. Pham, N. Coulter, V. Filkov, D. Gusfield, P. Koehl, I. Tagkopoulos
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