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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Major Programs

The department administers two undergraduate curricula in the College of Engineering: (1) the Electrical Engineering curriculum and (2) the Computer Engineering curriculum.

Integrated Degree Program (IDP). The IDP leads to both the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science degrees. The program provides a student the opportunity to obtain superior breadth and depth of technical material. The IDP program in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is available only to UC Davis undergraduates with strong academic records enrolled in the Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronic Materials Engineering or Applied Physics curricula. Applicants in their junior year must apply for the IDP by March 31. For more information on IDP, see http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu.

Mission. Under its land grant status, the University of California has a mission to provide the state with the trained workforce it needs and to advance knowledge and research in directions that contribute to the general welfare of the state and the nation. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering contributes to the mission of the University in three ways. First, its undergraduate and graduate education programs seek to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of electrical and computer engineering, the skills needed to solve the complex technological problems of modern society and the ability to continue to learn and develop throughout their careers. Second, through its research programs, the department contributes to the development and progress of electronics, communications, and computer technology. Finally, the department helps to transfer research results to industry through publication, public service and professional activities.

Objectives. Teaching—To provide undergraduate students with sufficient breadth to allow them to participate in teams, continue their own education after graduation and select a focus area intelligently; to provide undergraduate students with sufficient depth in a narrower discipline to allow them to develop the ability to solve complex engineering problems; to educate the students in the graduate program to be leaders in industry or to do meaningful research in industry, government or academia. Research—To develop and maintain research programs that produce useful technological advances while simultaneously training the next generation of researchers and leaders; to update and/or shift the foci of these programs frequently in response to the needs of our constituency and the nation; to provide a stimulating environment that encourages our graduate students to develop their abilities as far as possible.

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