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The Major Program

The study of English develops skills in reading analytically and perceptively and in writing clearly and effectively.

The Program. The English department offers three kinds of courses: composition courses, undergraduate courses, and graduate courses. Composition courses develop skills in reading analytically and in writing persuasively. Undergraduate and graduate courses cover the entire range of English and American literature, as well as creative writing. Students majoring in English may elect a creative writing emphasis or a literature, criticism, and theory emphasis. All majors take courses introducing them to the literatures of various periods and places, to critical theory, and to frontiers of literary expression, such as the relationship of literature to environmentalism or the emergence of new media. The creative writing emphasis focuses on fiction, poetry, and article writing. The literature, criticism, and theory emphasis focuses on advanced critical analysis and research. All majors have the opportunity to work with distinguished writers, critics, scholars, and teachers.

Career Alternatives. Graduates have found the major excellent pre-professional training for careers in teaching, writing, law, medicine, library work, journalism, and more. Many graduates are employed in publishing, marketing, advertising, or the tech sector. Others have worked in local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as in industry. Many have gone on to graduate study in a wide range of fields including English, education, counseling, and more.

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