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A.B. Major Requirements:

Preparatory Subject Matter
English 3 or University Writing Program 1 4
One course from: English 40, 43, 44, 45 4
English 10A, 10B, 10C 12
Depth Subject Matter
English 110A or 110B 4
Please note that English 110A or 110B is a prerequisite for advanced study in the major.
Historical Distribution Requirements 20
Three courses focusing on literature written in English before 1800, at least one of which must be on literature written primarily before 1500:
Before 1500
English 111, 113A, 113B
English 115, 117, 122, 123, 142, 150A, 155A
One course focusing on literature written in English between 1800 and 1900:
English 130, 133, 143, 144, 155B, 158A, 181A
One course focusing on literature written in English between 1900 and present:
English 137N, 138, 146N, 147, 150B, 155C, 156, 158B, 166, 167, 168, 181B
Non-Historical Distribution Requirements 8
One course on literature and ethnicity, literature and gender, or literature and sexuality:
English 125, 139, 140, 141, 166, 167, 178, 179, 181A, 181B, 185A, 185B, 185C, 186
One course in film and media studies, language studies, cultural studies and contexts, literature and science/technology, or literature and the environment:
English 105, 106, 107, 160, 161A, 161B, 162, 164/Science and Technology Studies 164, 171A, 171B, 173, 175, 180, 182, 183, 184; Linguistics 106; Science and Technology Studies 173
Please note that while some courses are identified as fulfilling more than one distribution requirement, a given course can only fulfill one such requirement.
Area of Emphasis (choose one)
Literature, Criticism, and Theory
One upper division English elective.
Two advanced courses, one of which can be a seminar:
English 149, 153, 159, 163, 165, 177, 187A, 188A, 189, 194H, 195H
Creative Writing
Three sections of English 100F, 100P, 100NF, 100FA, 100PA
Total Units for the Major
English Majors. Up to four upper division units in a national literature other than English or American, or in Comparative Literature, may count toward the requirements of the major.
Major Advisers. G. Bloom, S. Boluk, S. Chaganti, J. Clover, L. Corin, G. Dobbins, F. Dolan, M. Ferguson, K. Frederickson, E. Freeman, D. Heard, W.J. Hicks, P. Houston, H. Hsu, M. Jerng, A. Johns, R.A. Levin, Y. Li, D. Martín, J. Marx, T. Menely, C. Milburn, E. Miller, K. Peterson, M. Ronda, P. Roy, S. Shershow, S. Simmon, D. Simpson, M. Stratton, M. Vernon, C. Waters, E. Watkins, J. Wenderoth, M. Ziser
Major Advising. All new and prospective English majors are encouraged to see the undergraduate staff adviser, individually, once per year, at minimum.
Foreign Languages. Students who contemplate advanced study in English should prepare for foreign language requirements for higher degrees and should consult with the graduate adviser.
Undergraduate Adviser. See Department website at http://english.ucdavis.edu or the Departmental Advising Office in 177 Voorhies Hall.

Minor Program Requirements:

Five upper division courses, at least four of which will be literature courses 20
Honors and Honors Program. A Senior Honors Program is available to an invited group of English majors, who prepare and write a Senior Thesis (either a research paper or creative writing) in their final year. The critical honors program consists of four units of 194H and four units of 195H, normally taken during Winter and Spring quarters of the senior year. The creative writing honors program consists of four units of 100FA or 100PA, normally taken during Spring quarter of the junior year, and four units of 195H, normally taken Winter quarter of the senior year. Completion of the program is a prerequisite for High or Highest Honors at graduation. Eligibility criteria and application materials may be obtained at the Undergraduate Advising office in 177 Voorhies Hall or by accessing the Department website at http://english.ucdavis.edu. For more details, see Graduation Honors.
Education Abroad Options. The department strongly encourages interested students to pursue their studies abroad. It is possible for students to complete significant portions of the English major provided that the course is evaluated as at least four UC Davis units; the course is considered upper division by the standards set forth by UC Davis Study Abroad; the student presents copies of the coursework, syllabus, and writing assignments to the departmentís advising staff.
Teaching Credential Subject Representative. See the Teacher Education program.
Graduate Study. The Department of English offers programs of study and research leading to the M.A. in literature and creative writing and the Ph.D. in literature. Detailed information may be obtained from the graduate adviser or the Chairperson of the Department.
The departmentís affiliation with the Critical Theory Program also provides the opportunity for students in English to prepare for the designated emphasis in Critical Theory (an interdisciplinary program in theories and methodologies in the humanities and social sciences).
Graduate Director. Mark Jerng, Ph.D.
Entry Level Writing. Students must have met the Entry Level Writing requirement before taking any course in English. C. Bates, Director.
Prerequisites. English 3 or University Writing Program 1 is required for admission into all preparatory courses (40, 43, 44, 45, 10A, 10B, 10C), and all upper division courses, unless otherwise stated in the course listings. Comparative Literature 1, 2, 3, or 4 or Native American Studies 5 may normally be substituted for English 3 or University Writing Program 1.
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