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Entomology and Nematology

Formerly the departments of Entomology and Nematology

(College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Steve Nadler, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Department

Joanna Chiu, Ph.D., Vice Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 367 Briggs Hall; 530-752-0492; http://entomology.ucdavis.edu


James R. Carey, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Edward P. Caswell-Chen, Ph.D., Professor
Joanna Chiu, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Bruce D. Hammock, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
Brian R. Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Richard Karban, Ph.D., Professor
Lynn S. Kimsey, Ph.D., Professor
Karl Kjer, Ph.D., Professor, Schlinger Endowed Chair in Systematics
Sharon P. Lawler, Ph.D., Professor
Edwin Lewis, Ph.D., Professor
Steven A. Nadler, Ph.D., Professor
Christian Nansen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Jay Rosenheim, Professor, Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
Diane E. Ullman, Ph.D., Professor
Rachel Vannette, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Philip S. Ward, Ph.D., Professor
Becky B. Westerdahl, Ph.D., Professor
Neal M. Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Louie H. Yang, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Frank G. Zalom, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Oscar G. Bacon, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Peter S. Cranston, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Hugh Dingle, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
John D. Edman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Lester E. Ehler, Ph.D., Professor
Bruce F. Eldridge, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Howard Ferris, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Mary L. Flint, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Emerita
Norman E. Gary, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Jeffrey Granett, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Albert A. Grigarick, Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Penelope J. Gullan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Bruce A. Jaffee, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (Nematology)
Harry K. Kaya, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (Entomology, Nematology)
Robert E. Page Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Michael P. Parrella, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (Plant Sciences)
Christine Y. S. Peng, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Robbin W. Thorp, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Thomas W. Scott, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Robert K. Washino, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Valerie M. Williamson, Professor Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

Anthony Cornel, Ph.D., AES Entomologist
Elina Nino, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Larry Godfrey, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension, AES Entomologist
Robert Kimsey, Ph.D., Lecturer
Shirley Luckhart, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor (Medical Microbiology and Immunology; School of Medicine)
Eric C. Mussen, Ph.D., Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Emeritus
William K. Reisen, Ph.D., Research Entomologist (Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology; School of Veterinary Medicine)

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