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The Program of Study

Environmental Science and Policy is a teaching and research department offering courses, workshops, and directed group study classes that focus on the complex trade-offs that arise from interdependencies between natural and human systems. The department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Environmental Science and Management and in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Courses in Environmental Science and Policy also supplement major programs in a wide variety of established disciplines.

Current Information. Through its continuing contacts with many other departments and teaching divisions on the campus, the department develops a variety of special courses and workshops each year. Check with the Department office for up-to-date information about our courses and workshops.

Graduate Study. The Graduate Group in Ecology which is housed in Environmental Science & Policy offers an M.S. and Ph.D. degree program. Further information about graduate programs in ecology should be obtained from the chairperson of the Graduate Group in Ecology.

Group Office. 1005 Wickson Hall 530) 752-6752; http://ecology.ucdavis.edu/

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