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The Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity Major Program

The major in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity offers the student a broad background in the theoretical and empirical basis of our understanding of the diversity and distribution of living organisms.

The Program. The program of study for the major begins with a core of introductory courses in mathematics, physical sciences, and biology. These are followed by survey courses in biodiversity, evolution and ecology and various more specialized courses that focus the student on particular disciplines or organisms, with an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity majors may earn either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. The requirements for the B.S. degree program include more science courses, such as biochemistry, whereas those for the A.B. degree program allow room for more electives within the humanities and social sciences. The A.B. degree is especially appropriate for those students who wish to combine arts or languages with evolution and ecology for career preparation in such areas as scientific writing, translating or illustration.

Career Alternatives. A degree in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity prepares the student for career opportunities in research, teaching, health professions, veterinary medicine, agriculture, environmental management, and industry. Many students gain some research experience while at UC Davis and choose to continue their training at the graduate level. This track offers careers in academics, government, environmental organizations, or business.

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