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The Major Program

The major program assures proficiency in all four of the language skills—speaking, understanding, reading, and writing—and acquaints students with the intellectual and cultural contributions of the French-speaking world through the study of its literature, traditions, and institutions.

The Program. The department encourages its students to work closely with the academic adviser in designing a major tailored to their needs and interests within the broad requirements prescribed by the program and to avail themselves of the guidance of an excellent teaching faculty. Each year, a substantial number of students with good preparation in French participate in the university's very popular Education Abroad Program, which maintains centers in Bordeaux, Lyon, and Paris.

Career Alternatives. Foreign language teachers, a cardiologist, a veterinarian, a naval commander at the Pentagon, a professor of Political Science, lawyers, sales representatives, journalists, a speech pathologist, a law professor, translators, a senior applications programmer, travel agents, independent business owners, a senior museum curator, nurses, financial managers, stock brokers, and an industrial attaché for a French Trade Commission—all graduated with an A.B. in French from UC Davis. These represent only a small fraction of the career choices documented in a survey of department graduates.

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