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The Major Program

The German major explores in depth the literature and language, the culture and commerce of the German-speaking world (primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The key to the major lies in the careful balance between solid core requirements and the possibility to explore German subject areas through the lens of other disciplines, such as music, art, philosophy, history, and economics.

The Program. The department offers courses that highlight literary figures, movements and themes. These courses form the core of upper-division literature electives, but we also offer courses that discuss contemporary culture and commerce in German-speaking countries. Regardless of emphasis, students will find maximum practice in spoken and written German as well as in listening comprehension in all upper-division courses offered in German.

Career Alternatives. Completion of the major prepares students for graduate study in German or for career opportunities in international fields ranging from employment in business and government to careers in the fine arts and sciences. Also, it permits admission to professional schools such as law and medicine.

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