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A.B. Major Requirements:
Preparatory Subject Matter
German 1-2-3 (or the equivalent) 0-15
German 20, 21, 22 0-12
Depth Subject Matter
General Program
German 101A, 101B, 103 12
German 120 or 118E 4
Four courses chosen from upper-division offerings taught in German 16
Three additional upper division courses selected from either 104-109 or 121-198 12
Or courses in other disciplines that focus on German history, thought, and culture, upon approval of the major adviser. Electives include, but are not limited to:
Art History 176C, 177A, 177B
Comparative Literature 138, 140-142, 147
Economics 110B, 116, 160A and 160B, 162
Film Studies 142, 176A, 176B
History 142A, and 142B, 144A and 144B
Music 110A, 110C, 110D, 110E
Philosophy 170, 175
Political Science 117, 118C, 137
Note: Many of the above electives from other disciplines have prerequisites.
The total of 44 upper-division units may include units earned in the Education Abroad Program.
Total Units for the Major

Minor Program Requirements:

The Department offers a German minor consisting of at least 20 upper-division units of courses taught in German. Students wishing to minor in German should consult the undergraduate adviser.
Major Adviser. C. Zhang
Honors and Honors Program. The honors program consists of two quarters of research (194H) terminating in an honors thesis. For details consult the undergraduate major adviser. Graduation with high or highest honors requires participation in the honors program.
Graduate Study. The Department offers programs of study and research leading to the M.A. degree and to the Ph.D. degree in German Literature. Additional degree options for a designated emphasis are available through departmental affiliations with the programs in Social Theory and Comparative History, Critical Theory, Feminist Theory and Research, and Second Language Acquisition. Detailed information may be obtained by writing to the Department Chairperson or the Graduate Adviser.
Graduate Adviser. S.-E. Rose
Prerequisite Credit. Credit normally will not be given on the lower-division level for a course that is the prerequisite of a course already successfully completed.
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