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The Major Program

The History major develops critical intelligence and fosters an understanding of ourselves and our world through the study of the past—both the "deep past" and the more recent past.

The Program. A student electing a major in History may complete Plan I or Plan II. Plan I enables students to receive a broad education in histories of several geographic areas. Plan II encourages interested students, including those preparing for graduate work in history, to enroll in a seminar, to undertake independent work, and to study the history of historical thought as part of the major. Students preferring more active engagement in research and writing are encouraged to follow Plan II.

Career Alternatives. A degree in history is excellent preparation for a professional career such as teaching, law, journalism, public administration, or business management. Professional schools in these and related fields (including the health professions) are looking for students who can weigh conflicting evidence, evaluate alternative courses of action or divergent points of view, and express conclusions logically in everyday language. These analytical skills are stressed in history classes, and their mastery gives the history student a solid preparation for subsequent training in a specialized career.

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