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Human Rights

(College of Letters and Science)


The interdisciplinary minor in Human Rights gives students a chance to explore human rights as both a specific issue and within larger contexts through a wide variety of disciplines and courses.

Courses in the minor provide students with an opportunity to approach human rights as a practical, as well as an intellectual problem. The minor will be of special interest to students majoring in area studies and those planning to pursue careers in public service, law and international relations. Students will take courses in which human rights problems are the central focus of the course and other courses, which while not having human rights as their central theme, include elements that address the history, theory, practice, violation, promotion and protection of human rights, or in which students have the opportunity to conduct research projects relevant to the study of human rights.

The minor is sponsored by the Religious Studies Program.

Program Objectives

In addition to completing Religious Studies 90 or 134, students must take two additional Core Courses and two from the Elective Course list. Students must select courses from at least three different departments or programs to satisfy minor requirements.

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