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History and Philosophy of Science

(College of Letters and Science)

Joseph Dumit, Ph.D., Program Director

Program Office. 101 Young Hall

Committee in Charge

Thomas Beamish, Ph.D. (Sociology)

Mario Biagioli, Ph.D. (Science and Technology Studies, School of Law)

Patrick Carroll, Ph.D. (Sociology)

Timothy Choy, Ph.D. (Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies)

Marisol de la Cadena, Ph.D. (Anthropology)

Joseph Dumit, Ph.D. (Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies)

James Griesemer, Ph.D. (Philosophy)

Caren Kaplan, Ph.D. (American Studies)

Colin Milburn, Ph.D. (English)

Roberta Millstein, Ph.D. (Philosophy)

Daniel Stolzenberg, Ph.D. (History)

Madhavi Sunder, J.D. (School of Law)

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