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The Major Program

The goal of international agricultural development is to improve food production, nutrition, marketing, and health in less technically advanced countries. Students in this major are trained in technical areas of agriculture that can be applied to the problems of world hunger and health.

The Program. Principle subjects of study within the major are Agricultural Production, Economic Development, Environmental Issues, Nutrition, Rural Communities, and Trade and Commodity Development. Courses are in social sciences, humanities, and economic environments in which agriculture operates in countries outside the United States.

Career Alternatives. The study of international agricultural development prepares a student for a variety of careers. Some students choose service through the Peace Corps. Others seek employment in international trade, while others choose to work for a governmental or private agency in a foreign nation. Religious groups and organizations also employ university-trained individuals for agricultural work in conjunction with missions and other types of human service work overseas. The major is also preparation for further graduate work in agricultural development.

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