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Courses are taught by School of Law faculty from UC Davis and other University of California law schools, the Graduate School of Management, Departments of Economics and Agricultural and Resource Economics. Additionally, outstanding practitioners from private practice and government—lawyers, economists, bankers, businessmen—have acted as adjunct faculty to provide an applied perspective through lectures, simulations and case studies.

Graduate Study

The Graduate Group in International Commercial Law offers a program of study and research leading to the LL.M. degree through a summer only program. Students are required to take 40 quarter units of study over two, three, four, or five summers. The classes are taught in an intensive format of 20 hours per week or four hours per day, two hours of lecture in the morning, two hours in the afternoon. Candidates begin the program by examining the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system with special emphasis on business and trade law. They complete the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program, two of the specialized programs in international commercial law and the American Legal System Research Seminar. In addition, participants take intensive elective courses with an international perspective designed specifically for the master's degree program. Students also complete a capstone writing project. Elective courses then provide in-depth study in focused topics such as private international law, conflict of laws, intellectual property, business associations, antitrust, tax, securities and finance and the like. Students also complete a research paper.


International applicants must submit satisfactory evidence of completion of a degree program or equivalent involving academic legal training at an accredited educational institution. Applicants from the United States must have completed a bachelor's degree plus a J.D. LL.B., or equivalent degree from an accredited United States law school. A period of law practice or legal experience and/or advanced legal studies is preferred but not required.

Graduate Advisers. Beth Greenwood (International Programs, School of Law), Dan Simmons (School of Law)

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