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Minor Program Requirements:

International Science Studies
Global issue course requirement 7-8
Focusing on broad range of global issues and their impacts on ecological and environmental resources and biodiversity, in addition to international policy and economics. Beyond the courses taken under each track, choose two out of the three courses listed below:
(1) Atmospheric Science 116
(2) Plant Sciences 150
(3) Agricultural and Resource Economics 115B
Select one of the following tracks 16-17
Education Abroad Program courses taught overseas and relevant international internship activities will count towards the minor requirement with adviser's approval. For each track, students can take a maximum of three units from EAP courses, with a valid transcript, and three units from relevant international internship activities. The international internship activities would require a pre-approved study plan with the academic adviser before the maximum of three units can be awarded. Language and culture related courses are encouraged, but not required for the minor.
(1) Ecological, environmental, and energy studies track: Select 16-17 units from Anthropology 103, Agricultural and Resource Economics 147, Atmospheric Science 116, 133, Environmental Science and Management 100, 121, 131, 144, 120, 30, Environmental Science and Policy 100, 116, 151, Evolution and Ecology 147, Soil Science 109, Hydrology 143
(2) Policy and management focus track: Select 16-17 units from Agricultural and Resource Economics 115A/B, Agricultural and Resource Economics 138, International Relations 190, Community and Regional Development 156, 180, International Agricultural Development 160, 162, 170, Environmental Science and Policy 102, 175
(3) Agriculture, food, and fiber systems track: Select 16-17 units from Anthropology 103, 130, Atmospheric Science 133, Community and Regional Development 153A/B, Environmental Science and Management 121, 131, Evolution and Ecology 138, Hydrology 124, Plant Sciences 150, 160, Food Science and Technology 108, 109, Nutrition 119A/B, Textiles and Clothing 174
Minor Adviser. Shu-Hua Chen (Land, Air and Water Resources) 530-752-1822, shachen@ucdavis.edu
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