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The Major Program

The major in Italian provides a solid language background that will enable the student to develop an appreciation for the numerous contributions Italians and Italophones have made to literature, the arts, political theory, science, and other expressions of human creativity. The major also emphasizes the influence Italian culture continues to have on our global world.

The Program. The Italian program is geared to the specific needs and interests of the students, who enjoy the advantages of a small classroom setting and the individualized mentoring of dedicated professors. While the use of Italian is stressed in language and literature courses, the program is interdisciplinary in nature. Starting at the lower-division level, students collaborate closely with academic advisers in order to design a major or minor curriculum that includes culture, film, art history, history, food science, and other courses in related fields offered on campus or in Italy. The Italian program actively participates in the UC-wide Education Abroad Program, the Quarter Abroad Program (Florence), the International Internships Program, and the Summer Sessions International (Rome), all of which offer opportunities for travel and study in Italy.

Career Alternatives. The Italian Program provides a solid foundation for a variety of career paths by offering training in Italian language and culture and developing skills that are vital in any professional setting: critical analysis, interpersonal skills, effective written and oral communication, and cultural sensitivity. In addition to specific career paths in foreign service and education, knowledge of the Italian language and culture enhances professional opportunities in a variety of fields, such as viticulture and enology, food science, political science, medicine, architecture, and engineering.

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