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Latin American and Hemispheric Studies

(College of Letters and Science)

Charles F. Walker, Ph.D., Program Director

Program Office. Hemispheric Institute on the Americas, 1277 Social Sciences and Humanities Building 530-752-3046

Committee in Charge

Jelmer Eerkens, Ph.D., Professor (Anthropology)
Liza Grandia, Ph.D., Associate Professor
(Native American Studies)
Luis Guarnizo, Ph.D., Professor
(Human and Community Development)
Erin Hamilton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Robert Irwin, Ph.D., Professor
(Spanish & Portuguese)
Robert Newcomb, Ph.D., Professor
(Spanish and Portuguese)
Bettina Ng'weno, Ph.D., Associate Professor
(African American & African Studies)
Pablo Ortiz, Ph.D., Professor (Music)
Marc Schenker, Ph.D., Professor
(Medicine & Public Health)
Charles Walker, Ph.D., Professor (History)

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