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Land, Air and Water Resources is a multidisciplinary department with faculty who specialize in atmospheric, plant, environmental resource, soil, hydrology, and water engineering. Teaching and research focus on both agricultural forestry, natural ecosystems, climate change and environmental science. The faculty contribute to numerous other undergraduate and graduate programs in the Colleges of Letters and Science, Engineering, and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Major Programs. Undergraduates in the department major in Atmospheric Science, Environmental and Resources Sciences, Environmental Science
and Management, and Hydrology, and Soil
and Water Science; see http://lawr.ucdavis.edu/academic_programs.htm.

Undergraduate Advising Center is located in 1150 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building 530-752-1603.

Staff Adviser. Lacole Brooks lbrooks@ucdavis.edu 530-752-1603.

Graduate Study. Graduate work is offered in the area of Atmospheric Science, Hydrologic Sciences, and Soils and Biogeochemistry. For detailed information, call 530-752-1669 or see http://lawr.ucdavis.edu/academic_programs.htm.

Courses. See courses listed under Atmospheric Science, Hydrologic Sciences, Hydrology, Environmental and Resource Sciences, Environmental Science and Management, and Soil Science. See also the websites listed above.

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