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Minor Program Requirements:

Luso-Brazilian Studies
Portuguese 100, 161 8
Select one course in each of the following categories:
Spanish 111N, 115, or 116 3-4
Portuguese 162 or 163 4
Select one elective course in each of the following categories:
Portuguese 159, 162, or 163 4
History 159, 163A, or 163B 4
Note: Consult a departmental adviser if any of these courses are to be taken abroad.
Note: Additional courses may count toward the minor with prior approval by a departmental adviser.
Minor Advisers. L. Bernucci, R. Newcomb
Education Abroad Program Options. We highly recommend that students participate in study abroad in Salvador, Brazil; see http://studyabroad.ucdavis.edu. Courses taken abroad may count toward the Luso-Brazilian Studies minor.
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