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The Major Program

Landscape architecture is the planning and design of land areas where human use requires adaptation or conservation of the environment. Students who study landscape architecture are concerned about the welfare of the environment and the people who use and shape it. They are capable of solving physical problems and are able to visualize and think in terms of spaces and three-dimensional concepts. The program is fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) which is the only organization professionally sanctioned to grant landscape architectural accreditations in the United States. The program was last reviewed in 2012.

The Program. The curriculum balances creativity and visual and spatial skills with technological expertise and a thorough background in physical, natural, and social sciences. Students develop proficiency at problem solving relating to design of parks, public spaces, energy-efficient neighborhoods, land reclamation projects, city and regional planning, and landscape planning for wilderness and scenic regions, coastal and riparian environments, and other sensitive land areas. The program stresses a process-oriented approach to design and emphasizes environmental and community values.

Preparatory Requirements. Students are admitted to the landscape architecture major only after submitting a portfolio for review and selection by the faculty. Contact the Landscape Architecture Advising Office for further information in 135 Hunt Hall 530-754-8628.

Career Alternatives. Graduates may find jobs in private landscape architectural firms or public agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations employing landscape architects. The landscape architecture major provides the student with excellent preparation for graduate school or career development in a wide range of environmental and design-related fields.

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