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Literature in Translation

The following courses are open to students throughout the campus. The readings can be in English. See departmental listing for the course description.


10. Chinese American Literature (in English)
11. Great Books of China (in English)
50. Introduction to the Literature of China and Japan (in English)
100A. Daoist Traditions
101. Chinese Film
102. Chinese American Film
103. Modern Chinese Drama
104. Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction (in English)
105. Western Influences on Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature (in English)
106. Chinese Poetry (in English)
107. Traditional Chinese Fiction (in English)
108. Poetry of China and Japan (in English)
109A-I. Topics in Chinese Literature (in English)
110. Great Writers of China: Texts and Context (in English)


10. Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology
10Y. Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Mythology
140. Homer and Ancient Epic
141. Greek and Roman Comedy
142. Greek and Roman Novel
143. Greek Tragedy

Comparative Literature

1. Great Books of Western Culture: The Ancient World
2. Great Books of Western Culture: From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment
3. Great Books of Western Culture: The Modern Crisis
4. Major Books of the Contemporary World
5. Fairy Tales, Fables and Parables
6. Myths and Legends
7. Literature of Fantasy and the Supernatural
8. Utopias and their Transformations
9. The Short Story and Novella
10A-N. Master Authors of World Literature
12. Introduction to Women Writers
13. Dramatic Literature
14. Introduction to ­Poetry
20. Humans and the Natural World
25. Ethnic Minority Writers in World Literature
53A. Literature of China and Japan
53B. Literature of India and Southeast Asia
53C. Literatures of the Islamic World
100. World Cinema
120. Writing Nature: 1750 to the Present
135. Women Writers
138. Gender and Interpretation
139. Shakespeare and the Classical World
140. Thematic and Structural Study of Literature
141. Introduction to Critical Theoretical Approaches to Literature and Culture
142. Critical Reading and Analysis
144. The Grotesque
145. Representations of the City
146. Myth in Literature
147. Modern Jewish Writers
151. Colonial and Postcolonial Experience in Literature
152. Literature of the Americas
153. The Forms of Asian Literature
154. African Literature
155. Classical Literature of the Islamic World
157. War and Peace in Literature
158. The Detective Story as Literature
159. Women in Literature
160A. The Modern Novel
160B. The Modern Drama
161A. Tragedy
161B. Comedy
163. Biography and Autobiography
164A. The Middle Ages
164B. The Renaissance
164C. Baroque and Neoclassicism
164D. The Enlightenment
165. Caribbean Literature
166. Literature of the Modern Middle East
166A. The Epic
166B. The Novel
167. Comparative Study of Major Authors
168A. Romanticism
168B. Realism and Naturalism
169. The Avant-Garde
170. The Contemporary Novel
180. Selected Topics in Comparative Literature
194H. Special Study for Honors Students
195. Seminar in Comparative Literature

Dramatic Art

20. Introduction to Dramatic Art
154. Asian Theatre and Drama: Contexts and Forms
156AN. Performance Analysis
156BN. Theatre in History and Place: Local, National and Global Conditions for Production
156CN. Modern Aesthetic Movements in Performance
159. Contemporary Experimental Theatre and Drama


50. French Film
51. Major Works of French
52. France and the French-Speaking World


48. Myth and Saga in the Germanic Cultures
49. Freshman Colloquium
112 Topics in German Literature
113. Goethe's Faust
115 German Literature since 1945
118A. Fin-de-siècle Vienna (The Swan Song of the Habsburg Empire)
118B. Weimar Culture: Defeat, the Roaring Twenties, the Rise of Nazism
118C. Germany under the Third Reich
119. From German Fiction to German Film
141. The Holocaust and its Literary Representation
142 New German Cinema: From Oberhausen to the Present


50. Studies in Italian Cinema
107. Survey of Italian Culture and Institutions
108. Contemporary Issues in Italian Culture and Society
139B. Boccaccio, Petrarch and the Renaissance
140. Italian Literature in English Translation: Dante, Divine Comedy
141. Culture, Gender and the Italian Renaissance
142. Masterpieces of Modern Italian Narrative
150. Studies in Italian Cinema


10. Masterworks of Japanese Literature (in English)
15. Introduction to Traditional Japanese Culture
50. Introduction to the Literature of China and Japan
101. Japanese Literature in Translation: The Early Period
102. Japanese Literature in Translation: The Middle Period
103. Japanese Literature in Translation: The Modern Period
104. Modern Japanese Literature: War and Revolution
105. Modern Japanese Literature: Hero and Anti-Hero
106. Japanese Culture through Films
107. Modern Japanese Autobiographies (in English)
108. Poetry of China and Japan
109. Japanese Popular Culture
152. Traditional Japanese Drama
156. Japanese Literature on Film

Native American Studies

181A. Native American Literature (the novel and fiction)
181B. Native American Literature (non-fiction works by Native authors)
181C. Native American Literature (traditional and contemporary poetry)
184. Contemporary Indigenous Literature of Mexico
188. Special Topics in Native American Literary Studies


45. Russian Fantasy
121. Nineteenth-Century Russian Prose
123. Twentieth-Century Russian Prose
126. The Russian Theater
130. Contemporary Soviet Culture
140. Dostoevsky
141. Tolstoy


149. Latin-American Literature in Translation

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