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The Major Programs

Mathematics is the study of abstract structures, space, change, and the interrelations of these concepts. It also is the language of the exact sciences.

The Program. Students majoring in mathematics may follow a program leading to either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree. After completing basic introductory courses such as calculus and linear algebra, students plan an upper division program in consultation with a faculty adviser. The upper division course offering is grouped into entry level, core, and enrichment courses. Entry level courses are designed to serve as a bridge between the concrete mathematics of the lower division and the more abstract concepts taught in upper division courses. The core classes are intended to provide basic mathematical techniques, whereas the enrichment choices allow students to further mathematical knowledge and skills that feature their research or career interests. This individualized program can lead to graduate study in pure or applied mathematics, elementary or secondary level teaching, or to other professional goals. It can also reflect a special interest such as computational and applied mathematics, computer science, or statistics, or may be combined with a major in some other field.

Career Alternatives. A degree in mathematics provides entry to many careers in addition to teaching. For instance, operations research, systems analysis, computing, actuarial work, insurance, and financial services are only a few such careers. Mathematics is also a sound basis for graduate work in a variety of fields, such as law, engineering, and economics.

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