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Graduate Study. The Group currently offers an M.S. degree in Health Informatics. The program is primarily designed for clinicians (M.D., D.O., D.V.M., V.M.D., M.P.H., Pharm.D., R.N., others) and healthcare IT professionals with Bachelor's degree. The course of study provides research-oriented training that spans the use of computer systems in medicine today, including methods for clinical data acquisition, storage, and retrieval, the development, use and implementation of the electronic medical record, management of clinical data, and the use of medical decision support systems. A research project and thesis are mandatory degree requirements.

Preparation. The Group encourages applications from clinicians and healthcare IT professionals who have had experience in the manipulation of clinical information. Basic qualifications include an advanced degree in a health-related field or the equivalent in work experience. Proof of proficiency in a programming language is required. Applicants with extensive computer science or information technology background but little knowledge of clinical information would need to gain considerable practical experience in dealing with clinical information to be competitive in applying to the program.

Graduate Advisers. M. Carroll (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)

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