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Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Formerly Microbiology

(College of Biological Sciences)

Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Department

Department Office. 357 Briggs Hall; 530-752-2626; http://microbiology.ucdavis.edu


Primary Department Members

Jacqueline Barlow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sean Collins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Scott C. Dawson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, Ph.D., Professor
Neil Hunter, Ph.D., Professor
Michele M. Igo, Ph.D., Professor
Stephen C. Kowalczykowski, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Su-Ju Lin, Ph.D., Professor
Miriam Martin, Ph.D., Lecturer
John C. Meeks, Ph.D., Research Professor
Douglas C. Nelson, Ph.D., Research Professor
Rebecca Parales, Ph.D., Professor
Martin L. Privalsky, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Katherine Ralston, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
John R. Roth, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Michael A. Savageau, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor
Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Ph.D., Visiting Professor
Mitchell H. Singer, Ph.D., Professor
Valley J. Stewart, Ph.D., Professor
Lifeng Xu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Secondary Department Members

Sean Burgess, Ph.D., Professor
Jodi Nunnari, Ph.D., Professor
Ted Powers, Ph.D., Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Stanley W. Artz, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Paul Baumann, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
John L. Ingraham, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
JaRue S. Manning, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
David Pratt, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Chester W. Price, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Merna R. Villarejo, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Mark L. Wheelis, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Emeritus

Affiliated Faculty

Eric D. Mann, Ph.D., Lecturer

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