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The Major Program

The major in Medieval and Early Modern Studies examines the intellectual, political, and cultural forces that shaped modern European civilization during the period from the end of Ancient Rome (fifth century) to the beginning of the Enlightenment (mid-eighteenth century). An interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program, the major includes studies in history, art history, philosophy, literature, drama, music, national languages, religion, rhetoric, and political theory.

The Program. The major requires interdisciplinary work, while allowing the student to focus on the early Middle Ages, the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or the Baroque. The series of medieval and early modern courses in the program provides the foundation for the major and prepares students for advanced work within the individual disciplines. On the upper-division level, students may choose course work in specific areas of History, Comparative Literature, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin, philosophy and religion, arts and language, and political thought. In addition, each student may elect to complete a senior thesis on a selected aspect of medieval and/or early modern culture.

Career Alternatives. The major in Medieval and Early Modern Studies is a liberal arts degree providing excellent preparation for the rigors of professional schools as well as careers in law, museology, journalism, and teaching.

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